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The Story Behind BFH Sydcon

A wholly owned Australian company, BFH Sydcon specialises in high security fencing solutions and is committed to providing quality service and installation to our customers. Our specialty is in the Design and Construction of Palisade Security Fencing, along with 358 Weldmesh security fencing. BFH Sydcon is also one of the leading installers of PAS68 crash rated products such as Roadblockers, Bollards and Vehicle Impact Gates.

The company was founded on a combined 50 odd years of experience and know-how in the fencing and construction industry’s, and provides Design consultation as well as Project Management and installations from conception to completion. Major projects are our specialty, targeting the protection of assets for Government Utilities, Military installations and Correctional Institutions where that little extra experience goes a long way.

Based in Sydney, our market is not restricted and BFH Sydcon has the capability to undertake projects both interstate and overseas. Our staff have International experience working in New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Fiji and Singapore on AusAid and Foreign Affairs projects.

As a Company we pride ourselves on quality and precision, and at all times work within a framework of honesty and integrity. We work under an accredited Safety Management System and are comprehensively insured. We have a small team of skilled and experienced personnel who know the Industry. We have access to most of the security product manufacturers and the latest technologies, and only engage suitably qualified and fully insured Subcontractors.

Why We’re Here

30 years in the same industry is against modern career trends. We attribute this to “passion”…..we are passionate in what we do, and how we do it. We’re not trying to be all things to all people – we don’t try to be the biggest. BUT we do aspire to be the best.

In an industry that is typically staid, our passion is to provide innovative security fencing solutions based on the belief that “there is often a better way”.

“But it’s always been done that way”…well not at BFH.

How We Got Here

Ian and Barry have a diverse range of skills from previous employment, which when combined make a powerful combination of expertise in Engineering, Construction and Project Management. When additional expertise is required, we’re not afraid to engage our consultant and manufacturing partners.

Both Ian and Barry have had hands-on experience with security fence installations, which enables a real understanding. If you can build it yourself, you can relate to most in-the-field situations.

Our Approach

Every project is important to us, it’s not “just another job”. Our number one priority is to provide the best solution and outcome for all stakeholders.

  • Quality of Design
  • Quality of Manufacturing
  • Quality Installation

In what has become a price driven industry, we maintain a belief that Quality is our value proposition. With Quality being the cornerstone, and administered throughout each phase of the project, there will be a successful outcome. Price is often a reflection of Quality.

In my early years, I gained valuable practical, technical and management experience in the Mechanical and Automotive Engineering trades. Since entering the security fencing industry in 1996 these skills have assisted me in dealing at all levels, from subcontractors and suppliers through to the upper levels of Government. To this end, I strive to develop strong and lasting relationships, and believe that good business is built upon this.

My role as Managing Director is to be the face of the Company, and primarily I’m charged with business development along with keeping everyone happy and on task. I’m not shy of getting into the detail of a project, and quite enjoy the technical aspects of taking a contract from start to finish. I enjoy working closely with our supply partners, our subtrades and of course most importantly, the Client.

I’m a jovial character, partial to a good red wine and love my boating pursuits. I’m a family man who enjoys nothing more than gathering over a meal, a few drinks and lot of laughs.

Managing Director

barry@bfhsydcon.com.au | 0437 382 115

I entered the security fencing industry in 1988, having worked in Landscape Construction and Design for a number of years. Prior to that, I gained experience in the Banking and Insurance sector, but soon realised the enjoyment gained from working outdoors was more suited to my practical abilities. In my time in the industry, I have witnessed a growing sophistication that has resulted in a focus on engineered solutions.

This is an aspect that appeals to my detailed nature, and a long held philosophy that “if you’re going to build something, then do it right the first time”. I’ve tried to carry this through my working life, and whilst some see it as a mild case of OCD, I firmly believe that getting the small details correct at the front end contribute significantly to a project’s success.

I’ve spent much of my career in Project Management, and more recently taken a hands-on role in Product Design. I enjoy the opportunity of working Internationally on projects that are logistically challenging, where you have no in-country contacts, and an expectation to pull a project together.
My family and I are keen travellers, and enjoy most outdoor activities and sporting pursuits.

Director – Projects & Design

ian@bfhsydcon.com.au | 0417 382 116


Our Mission is to be a leader in the High Security Fencing industry, with innovative solutions and exceptional management processes.

We hope to foster long standing partnerships with suppliers and businesses within the security fencing industry across Australia and beyond.

To do the simple things well, and to accept the difficult challenges head-on.Not trying to be the biggest, but aspiring to be the best.


To be at the forefront of opportunities in an ever-changing world, embracing new technologies and introducing our own signature products.

To demonstrate an ability that exceeds normal expectation, whilst maintaining a clear business focus.

If everyone makes a few dollars along the way, then the collective effort is worthwhile.

Subcontractor Opportunities

BFH Sydcon is a comprehensively Insured and Quality Accredited Contracting company. We specialise in the construction of High Security Perimeter Fencing and Gates and work on interesting and challenging projects. We are niche in what we do, concentrating on products such as Palisade Security Fencing and 358 Weldmesh. We mainly work on Government funded projects, which demand a high level of compliance – Quality. Safety. Environmental.

We have successfully worked with a select group of subcontractors who “get’ the way we like to do things. That’s not to say it’s a closed shop, as we always welcome new enquiries from experienced tradesmen:

  • Fencing Contractors
  • Concretors
  • Earth
  • Civil works

BFH Sydcon undertakes projects in accordance with our own Work Health & Safety Management System, with an expectation that if you don’t have one yourself, then you’re welcome to work under ours. We look after our Subbies. We don’t screw them down, we understand that everyone needs to make a dollar. It’s a collaborative effort. Likewise, our subbies appreciate that we’re organised; our materials are quality manufactured, onsite and ready to go.

If you like the sound of this, then get in touch with us.

Enough about us. Let’s learn more about your project.