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Project Description

Kane Constructions


Perimeter Security Fencing Upgrade


  • Design and Technical consultation.
  • Site Inspection and Practicality Survey.
  • Re-design of INFINITY Palisade Fence to incorporate the nuances of the site.
  • Manufacturing of Security Fence materials in Architectural painted finish.
  • Packaging for export.
  • Shipping Logistics – factory to site.

The Challenge

The existing perimeter consisted of an ornamental masonry wall of irregular thickness, with capped piers at inconsistent centres. Pier sizes varied in dimension, which meant the 350 lineal metres of wall needed to be physically measured section by section, panel by panel. This was a nightmare in the making from a production perspective. Every rail length would need to be different…… what have we got ourselves into?

The top of the fence was to remain level. The top of the wall stepped. There were changes of direction, internal and external corners.

We had to get this right. It’s an offshore project; being installed by a company unfamiliar with our palisade fence product. This really was a job for our expert design team.

The Result

As markers of our own work, it’s safe to say we think we nailed it……99% successful at least! Every piece of the fence puzzle fit exactly as we had planned it. The 1% could probably be found in the installation, and this was simply through inexperience.

Our sliding THRUplate solution worked a treat, allowing us to standardise the manufacture of the fence rails. The varying length pales and posts also worked a treat. The highly specified powdercoat painted finish looked fantastic.

It should be noted that, for all their inexperience, the in-country installers did a terrific job. It’s testament to our ability to design and manufacture security fence solutions, that a company with limited experience can successfully install a fully functioning secure perimeter with no issues.