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Project Description

Bouygues Thai -VSL


To take the architectural design intent and turn it into a workable solution using standard security fence materials.


  • Design and Manufacture 358 Weldmesh with multiple fixing capability.
  • Manufacture prototypes for approval.
  • Design Modifications to suit site condition and Client requirement.
  • Generation of Workshop drawings and production planning.
  • Manufacturing of Security fence materials and packaging for export.
  • Shipping Logistics – factory to site.

The Challenge

Presented with a set of expensive Architectural drawings, we were tasked with providing pricing to manufacture the materials for this project. As is often the case, the design showed the intent of the application, but failed from a practicality and/or manufacturing perspective.

On review, the BFH design team set out to provide a fence solution that would meet the security requirements, and in-line with current materials and construction techniques.

Being an offshore project, communication was by way of detailed drawings and explanations. In order to get the details correct, typically we generate a 3-D model of the fence. This eliminates 99% of issues encountered, and as we always say “it’s easier to get it right in the factory, than to fix it in the field”.

The Project

The Contract and delivery schedule was built around the Clients construction program, and as such there were two key dates. Both of these were met comfortably, but this only happens with the appropriate planning, project and production management.

Export projects of this nature involve a number of partners, not the least a reliable Shipping Agent. It’s one thing to produce the materials, it’s a separate challenge to ensure safe shipment of the goods to destination.

A lot of effort and focus is given to the safe transport of goods to ensure they arrive in good condition. We always send sufficient spare parts to avoid shortfalls, or changes onsite when they occur. It’s for these reasons that BFH Sydcon is a leader in the high security fencing industry.