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Project Description

AllState Power [Snowy Hydro]

Perimeter Fence Upgrade


  • Submission of Engineered Design Drawings for approval by Client and End User, including shallow foundations and baseplated connections.
  • Supply and Installation of 3.0m high INFINITY Palisade Security Fence.
  • Supply and Installation of Anti-Climb Razorwire fitted to pales.
  • Manufacture, Supply and Installation of Unequal Double Leaf Hinged Gates with concrete crossover.
  • Manufacture,Supply and Installation of Pedestrian Gates.
  • Project Management.

The Challenge

The specification called for a palisade fence. We introduced the Client to the INFINITY Palisade system, and for the same price as a conventional angle rail design, it was a no-brainer. Why would you install a horizontal fence rail that serves a single purpose, when the Infinity SMRTrail is a multi-dimensional rail that can be readily adapted to an above ground service carrying conduit?

The site had significant evidence of rock, and BFH Sydcon was able to save considerable grief for all parties by offering an engineered design previously used in remote high country locations. This meant a baseplated fixing, chemically anchored which is our preferred method of installation as it reduces the hassle of in-ground works.

The Smaller Substation Result

These smaller sites are ideal, and with the right fence design; the right installers; efficient Project Management, the result is a quality product finished in an expedient manner.

Both the Client and the End User were particularly impressed with the finished product – INFINITY Palisade.

The installation timeframe was critical due to a programmed shutdown, so it was important that we were organised to complete the works within this set period.

A drive-in by inspection will draw the comment that ‘it’s just another palisade fence”! It’s not actually because the quality of a BFH Sydcon installation is of a very high standard. It’s the little things that make the difference, and we pride ourselves on that.