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Project Description


New Perimeter Fence – 2 Greenfield Sites [Critical Infrastructure]


• Undertake Site Survey and provide As Builts on Completion
• Supply and Installation of 3.0m High INFINITY Palisade Security Fence
• Supply and Installation of 550diameter Anti-Climb Razorwire
• Associated Civil Works including under-fence concrete sill
• Manufacture and Installation of 6m Double Leaf  Vehicular Gates, opening 180 degrees

The Challenge

These sites were undertaken as two separate mobilisations, and being a long way from anywhere requires a greater attention to detail when it comes to organisation. There were some very strict project terms and conditions that put the spotlight firmly on our systems, processes and compliances.

Drug and Alcohol tests [PASSED]; police checks [PASSED];
Machinery service records up to date [PASSED];
Vehicle identification signage and flashing lights [DONE];
Appropriate communication systems [YES];

and not to mention the obligatory Inductions and Training Sessions. These requirements are often thrown at us once we’ve been awarded a Contract. The way we look at it is, “if you want to play in this game, then meeting all of this criteria without complaint separates BFH Sydcon from the rest”.

The Result

It’s fair to say that these are two quality installations carried out by skilled tradesmen with plenty of fencing expertise. Well equipped to undertake the work, our crew got stuck in and completed the work without delay. It’s not always easy working in remote locations, being away from home for long periods of time. But it doesn’t effect these blokes; they like what they do and this is reflected in the finished installation.

Our management team worked hard to ensure that materials were manufactured without error, and that everything was delivered in totality. Nothing is more important when the factory is 400 kilometres away.

Nil defects is always a good indicator that the job reflects Quality.