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Project Description

Sydney Airport Corporation Limited

Perimeter Fence Upgrade – Critical Infrastructure


  • Re-Design and Engineer a Perimeter fence solution to meet Clients performance requirements.
  • Workshop Drawings for Fabrication of materials.
  • Demolition and Removal of Existing Chainwire Fence
  • Supply and Installation of 3.0m High 358 Security Fence.
  • Supply and Installation of 4.6m High 358 Security Fence to enclose and secure buildings.
  • Hot Dip Galvanised and Powdercoat paint finish to Architectural specification.
  • Supply and Installation of 4 Strand Electric Fence Anti-Climb Topping & Detection.
  • Manufacture, Supply and Installation of 17 Gates – Hinged Pedestrian and Vehicular Gates to match fence.
  • Pedestrian Gates included Mortised Locks, Stainless Steel Panic Bars with protective shroud, and Self Closers
  • Vehicular Double Leaf Hinged Gates with Electric Fence topping.
  • Project and Site Management.

The 358 Mesh Challenge

Presented with a set of Architectural drawings demonstrating the intended purpose, we undertook a complete redesign which included shallow mount footings. This eliminated the risk of encountering a myriad of existing underground services. Hitting a service on this site was unthinkable. Engineer generated drawings are useful, but often don’t take into account up to date Industry practices or manufacturing efficiencies. It was up to our Design Department to make sense of the design intent, and integrate that into a workable assembly factoring in the subtleties and inflexibilities of 358 weldedmesh.

In addition to this, the challenge of designing 17 gates to fit into a small site is not something every company can embrace. We took up the challenge with gusto, as this is where we separate ourselves from our competition.

The Result

On completion the Client and their Security Consultant completed a thorough Inspection, and we are proud of the fact that we achieved a zero defects report.

Constant challenges throughout the procurement and building phases placed significant pressure on everyone’s patience and resources. Those involved brought this project to completion on time, and met the usual high standards BFH Sydcon is renowned for.

It is a common summation, however BFH Sydcon was heavily involved in solving many issues throughout the project. Our skills and expertise enabled us to offer design solutions that many of our competitors would walk away from. It’s this aspect of our business that elevates our company above the pack.