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Project Description


Car Park Entry Upgrade [8 Entrances]

Replacement of existing Roller Doors and Boom Arms


  • Design and Engineering of Crash Rated Speed Gates to withstand an vehicle impact equal to 2.5 tonnes traveling at 48km/hr.
  • Submission of Design Drawings and Engineering computations for Client approval, cross referenced against the functionality of the design brief.
  • Production of a working prototype for inspection by the Client
  • Design and sequencing adjustments prior to full scale production of the remaining 7 units.
  • Manufacture, Supply and Installation of 8 Speed Gates.
  • Testing, Commissioning and Training prior to handover.
  • 6 monthly Maintenance schedule for a period of 3 years.

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The Challenge

BFH Sydcon was given a functional brief and asked to submit a Tender based on;

      -Design, Engineering, Fabrication, Installation and Maintenance.

To be awarded a project of this significance was in itself acknowledgement that the Client saw excellent value in our proposal, and that BFH Sydcon had the expertise to execute the works. 

As the Head Contractor BFH Sydcon engaged the services of an expert Engineer and worked closely with our Gate Manufacturer and his electronics team to ensure the whole package exceeded the Clients expectations.   

The installation of each entrance required precision planning, and as this was a working facility there were many operational aspects that needed special consideration. With over 800+ movements daily, much of the works were undertaken on weekends and outside regular working hours.

The Result

Each installation was completed in accordance with clockwork like precision, and with minimal interruption to the facility.

Integration into the BMS was undertaken smoothly by a third party, and was a key component of the co-ordination challenge.

The brief required the gates to close in 3 seconds. It asked for 900+ cycles per day at each entrance. These specific operational requirements meant that we needed to engage the right people for the job, to get the right result.

Like every new installation that involves top end technology; high numbers of vehicle movement; and people… takes a bit of getting used to, but the feedback in general is that it is a massive infrastructure improvement, and servicing records show the duty cycles exceeding expectations with minimal issue.