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Project Description

Leighton Contractors [Ausgrid Substation]

Architectural Perimeter Fence to property frontage


  • Submission of Design Drawings for Approval by Client and End User.
  • Supply and Installation of 2.4m high 358 Weldmesh Perimeter Fence with Architecturally designed Perforated Sheeting [using Mastermesh® Image Perforation].
  • Manufacture, Supply and Installation of Automated 9.0m Cantilevered Sliding Gate [Aluminium Frame ULTRA Gate]
  • Manufacture, Supply and Installation of 6.0m Double Leaf Hinged Gate
  • Manufacture, Supply and Installation of Pedestrian Gates with specific locking detail.
  • Project Management.

Disclaimer: The Palisade fence on this site was completed by another company, and should not be misconstrued as a BFH Sydcon installation.

The Perforated Mesh Challenge

The drawings provided showed a design that we felt could be improved upon, so our design team went to work. The intent being to integrate the architectural feature of the perforated mesh into a traditional fence assembly. 

With some tweaking, BFH Sydcon submitted a design that offered the perforated feature panelling, but with some added security of 358 weldedmesh. Both Leighton’s and Ausgrid saw the value in the design and approved it without hesitation. 

Originally specified as stainless steel, we proposed an aluminum alternative which proved to be a significant dollar saving for the Client without compromising the quality.

The artwork for the perforated sheets was supplied by the Architects and our skilled supplier made sure it was “do-able” from a production perspective.

The Result

This type of detailed project is well beyond the capabilities of most fencing company’s. It gets put into the “too hard basket”, but not for BFH Sydcon. We enjoy the challenge of doing the harder projects, and this was no different. Evidenced by the fact that two fencing company’s were engaged on the site, the second not interested in the perforated fence….and clearly not that interested with quality palisade construction either!

This was a new style of fence for us, and the attention to detail was invaluable in fine tuning a design that led us onto the Broadmeadow Substation project.