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Project Description

Security Fence Upgrade with 358 Closed Space Weldedmesh


  • Pre-works site inspection and measure.
  • Design and Engineer a perimeter fence and gate layout on a restricted access site.
  • Engage a local in-country contractor with the capability of meeting our quality expectations.
  • Procure specialised and Certified  security products from the USA including transport to site.
  • Manufacture and export fencing materials to site.
  • Provide experienced Australian crew to oversee the installation.
  • Provide training to unskilled labour.
  • Install and Commission Crash Rated products.

The Challenge

BFH Sydcon staff revel in this kind of challenge, of procuring a project from concept to completion in a developing country where supplies, skills and expertise are not always available. Presented with a partly designed project, the Client is most appreciative when our expertise is called upon to bring all of the pieces together.

The Challenge of arriving in a foreign place, with little to no contacts, is one that brings out the best in our staff. This is where real project management is required, and why our competitors steer away because it’s too hard.

The Challenge of ensuring that everything is included in the shipment; the challenge of making sure the fabrication is exact….because when you’re that far away from home it’s not easy to correct the mistakes.

The Result

Another successfully completed project abroad, but of greater importance to us was the priveledge to be able to help a local family in a very small way.

The Rii family live without power, so it was a pleasure for us to be able to purchase and have installed a Solar Power System. Now they can can cook their meals of an evening in other than candle light, and the kids are able to read their books and do their homework.

It’s this type of project that BFH Sydcon is proud of, and the ability to execute a project of this nature is just another point of difference.