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Project Description

Perimeter Upgrade using INFINITY™ Palisade Fencing

& 358 Closed Spaced Weldmesh


Perimeter Upgrade using INFINITY Palisade Fencing & 358 Weldmesh, integrated with access controlled gates and security lighting.

The Challenge

Distance. Contacts. Culture. Skills. Communication.

The biggest challenge on this project was not the security solution, it was the logistics of executing a project so far away from home. This was by far the furthest project from home, where we had absolutely no contacts in which to tap into. But that’s the challenge we thrive on…… being asked to pull a project together from the bootlaces up.

Would there be the necessary skilled workforce? How long would they take to build it? Could we purchase concrete at a reasonable rate? What about plant and equipment? Will it be safe? All of these questions need to be addressed in the short 3-4 days in-country assessing the site.

Our preference is to engage an in-country Contractor, someone that knows the lay of the land and has the necessary contacts. Working under our Supervision, we find this combination gives us the best success.

The Project Result

All materials were meticulously designed and manufactured in Australia. A comprehensive packing list was assembled including a large variety of tools to accompany the shipment.

The materials were required post haste, and to facilitate this the 10 tonne of steel fence materials and gates were air-freighted half way around the world. The option of sea freight simply didn’t meet the timeframes. Again, this comes down to a trusty shipping agent to ensure safe passage and timely clearances.

The Contractors performance was ably assisted by two BFH personnel with plenty of experience. Many comments were made that they had “never seen Kenyans work so hard”. It wasn’t really a matter of working them hard, simply a case of having a plan and sticking to it, despite the challenges a developing nation faces. Fair to say that the expats enjoyed working with the locals just as much.

The Client was especially pleased with the timely fashion in which the works were completed, and particularly impressed with the in-fence security lighting which is a major feature of the INFINITY Palisade fencing system.