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Project Description

Vineyard 330kV Substation

Consolidated Power Projects [Transgrid Substation]


  • Submission of Alternative Design for Approval by Client and End User.
  • Supply and Installation of 3.0m INFINITY Palisade Security Fence, including Anti-Dig concrete Sill.
  • Supply and Installation 600dia Anti-Climb Razorwire Design
  • Manufacture, Supply and Installation of Vehicular Double Leaf Hinged Gates with reed switching.
  • Manufacture, Supply and Installation of Pedestrian Access Single Leaf Hinged Gates with reed switching.
  • Project Management.

The Vineyard Substation Challenge

Over and above the usual challenges of working under  Subcontract, this project was an opportunity for BFH Sydcon to demonstrate its skill by introducing a product that exceeded the specification and offered enormous benefits to both the builder and the Client [Transgrid]

The Infinity Palisade Fencing system and its capabilities proved the difference when CPP were determining who should win the fencing contract. The ability to run services through the fence rails were proven invaluable when it came to integrating into the existing fence, which had conventional underground conduits. Installed 3 years prior, the conduits and pits were full of water and tree roots – not to mention rotted draw wires [installed by another contractor].  

The Vineyard Substation Result

The results were on display for all to see. Our contract required security reed switches to run from each pedestrian and vehicle gate back to the Control building, a distance of approximately 600 metres. Running the cabling through the newly installed Infinity Fence System was a breeze. The nightmare started when the cabling had to be pulled through the existing inground conduits. Due to the condition of the conduits, this section of cabling took at least five times longer than using the SMRTrail cable management that INFINITY Palisade offers.