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Whilst our focus is on niche perimeter security projects, and specifically toward High Security Fencing and Gates, BFH Sydcon’s market reach is unlimited. Meaning that we undertake works locally, nationally and internationally for all levels of Government, along with Commercial and Industrial applications where asset protection is the priority. The market sectors listed below are by no means an exhaustive list.

The fencing industry is very broad, and our company purposefully targets projects that require a higher level of security. Critical Infrastructure sites that require engineered installations, and a company that has the expertise and knowledge for this type of civil construction. Our projects crossover between fence construction and the perimeter security industry, and we are well positioned to co-ordinate and implement both aspects.

The market sectors we target are large users of our primary security fence products; those being Steel High Security Palisade and 358 Closed Space Weldmesh.


The largest spending industry sector of the last 10 years, BFH Sydcon has experience in large 330Kv Substation perimeter security upgrades, all the way down to small kiosk protection. Working in High Voltage environments has taken our Workplace Safety Systems to the next level.

Typical products used include Steel Palisade security and 358 weldmesh fencing, complimented with Razorwire or Electric Fencing. Anti-dig and Anti-climb products are an integral feature of any secure substation perimeter.


The Ports sector includes air and sea, both equally challenging but with different physical security requirements. Large perimeters are particularly susceptible to intruder attack, and require a whole of security solution. The physical barrier needs to be complemented with Ant-dig and Anti-climb products, as well as mid-fence protection such as PIDS.

Our product designs are all about the integration of physical with electronic, in a cost-saving structure that “future-proofs” every installation.


Projects in this sector are security sensitive, demanding the highest integrity and skill capability. Our company regularly undertakes works abroad, often in extremely challenging jurisdictions.

Partnering with market leading manufacturers of specialised Vehicle Barrier Systems enables BFH Sydcon to supply the very best products available. Products such as Roadblockers, Bollards, Crash Barriers along with Palisade Fencing and 358 weldmesh.


One of the most important sectors requiring High Security Perimeter Solutions. Defence demands the very best in products of the highest quality and reliability. Our entire suite of Vehicle Barrier Systems are used, from Rising Vehicle Blockers; Crash Booms; Vehicle Arrest Fences, along with large metreage fencing requirements including steel palisade, 358 mesh and razorwire anti-climb.

High level security at entry points is obvious, but it’s the wider perimeter where BFH Sydcon’s Vehicle Arrest Fence protects a potential hostile vehicle attack.


Our expertise extends across the whole industry sector, from Data Centre security to the most remote Radio Repeater site on top of a mountain. Where response times are limited, a chainwire fence no longer “cuts it” as security [pun intended]. Where a would-be intruder has all day to penetrate the perimeter, a more robust security fence solution is required.

That’s why we steel palisade security fencing is the preferred option. BFH Sydcon has installed palisade fencing and gates at over 30 sites around NSW, and the results speak for themselves.


The original market sector – for us anyway – Rail has always been faced with major perimeter security requirements. From Stabling Yards to Platform fencing, and along its corridors, protection from Public entry encompasses asset protection and personal safety.

Palisade High Security Fencing was borne into the Australian marketplace, with the very first installation being undertaken by BFH personnel some 30 years ago. More recently, the various Authorities are using a combination of 358 weldmesh and steel palisade fencing to secure their assets.

Enough about Markets. Let’s learn more about your project.