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The fence proved to be robust, well designed, cost effective, simple solution that allowed for a shortened construction period. It also allows or easy reticulation of power and data services.

As such I recommend this product to any prospective clients of BFH Sydcon

– BRAD PAPE, Manager
Kramer Group

It’s a lot easier to get the details right in the factory, than to fix it in the field.

– IAN FERGUSON, Director Projects & Design
BFH Sydcon


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“The better the advice, the better the project”.

Design & Engineering

With 20+ years involvement in the High Security Fencing industry, BFH Sydcon has encountered most products in the marketplace, and understands their mechanical specifications and capabilities. In the past 10 years in particular, there has been a noticeable shift to more engineered solutions. The consumer demands installations be built to an unprecedented standard , and no longer accepts inferior installations or products.

We offer our technical expertise to Engineering firms for high security fence and gate designs, preferring to work collaboratively on projects for the best results. Our contribution extends beyond product specifics, and incorporates aesthetics and the impact on the surrounding environment.

Our Design team is responsible for new product development, as well as ensuring that materials for current projects are manufactured to the highest quality and accuracy. Our workshop drawings are the envy of the industry, in the belief that “it’s easier to get it right in the factory, than fix it in the field”.

We are also experienced in the preparation of all Project Safety Documentation, Technical and Mechanical Specifications, and utilise the resources of leading Engineers when required.

The design philosophy behind BFH Sydcon’s high security fences are simple. We firmly believe in ‘future-proofing’ our installations, so that as times change, the barrier has a capacity to be upgraded. Features include the ability to install and readily attach electronic security technologies, or to add perimeter lighting in a cost effective manner. Where possible, our fence designs incorporate an anti-ram upgrade capability, which goes back to our principals of making every installation the best possible.

Blowering Dam Substations

AllState Power (Snowy Hydro)


  • Submission of Engineered Design Drawings for approval by Client and End User, including shallow foundations and baseplated connections.
  • Supply and Installation of 3.0m high INFINITY Palisade Security Fence.
  • Supply and Installation of Anti-Climb Razorwire fitted to pales.
  • Manufacture, Supply and Installation of Unequal Double Leaf Hinged Gates with concrete crossover.
  • Manufacture,Supply and Installation of Pedestrian Gates […]

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