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I’ve been working with Ian & Barry for 25 years, and that in itself is testament to the way they conduct their business.

Materials are always spot-on, and onsite when required. These guys know their game plan.

I always get paid. They drive us pretty hard from a quality perspective, but at the end of a job it’s gratifying to stand back and see a quality finish.

It’s a team effort.

Fencing Contractor


 If you’d like to discuss your project with over the phone, you can call us at +61 2 9971 8621

“The better the advice, the better the project”.

Installation & Contracting

As a leading Contracting company in the Australian Fencing industry, we’re not trying to be all things to all people. We specialise in High Security Perimeter installations, which is a fancy description that qualifies our desire to undertake projects that are more construction related than your average fencing project. We primarily install Steel Palisade Security Fencing, 358 Closed Space Weldmesh Fencing or Expanded Metal MACEM type fences. These installations generally incorporate anti-climb products such as Razorwire and Electric Fencing; Vehicle Mitigation and Anti-Ram Crash Rated products such as PAS68 Automated Gates, Bollards and Boom Arms. We also undertake small installations of chainwire, if they form part of a turnkey installation.

Our project focus is aimed towards Government, and in particular Critical Infrastructure sites. This sector requires all of the qualities our company offers;

  • Compliance in all areas of Work Health and Safety.
  • Quality Assurance Accreditation to ISO9001:2015
  • Construction capabilities that meet the Building Codes of Australia.

Our business model is to engage suitably qualified Subcontractors whom we have selected over a long involvement in the industry. This allows each party to execute their roles and responsibilities to the highest standard.

Our contracting capabilities extend across a wide range of Civil and Construction activities, including;

  • Fabrication
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Earthworks
  • Concrete & Masonry
  • Electrical

All projects are executed under BFH Sydcon’s Work Health and Safety Management System.

Lismore & Grafton Substations


  • Summary
    • Design and Construct Contract
    • Undertake Site Survey
    • Demolish and Removal of Existing Chainwire Fence
    • Civil works – Carpark construction including 300m2 of bituminous asphalting
    • Supply and Installation of 3.0m INFINITY Palisade Security Fence
    • Supply and Install 550 dia Razorwire Anti-Climb Topping
    • Manufacture, Supply and Installation of 3 Vehicular Double Leaf Hinged Gates
    • Manufacture, Supply and Installation of 2 Automated Cantilever Sliding Gate with Access Control
    • Engineer, Supply and Installation of 1300w x 300d Reinforced Concrete Strip Footing & Anti-Dig plinth.
    • Project Management and documentation including As Builts, Site Surveys and OH&S Safety Statistics.
    • Project completed by BFH Sydcon within the designated timeframe.