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Our Engineering Team conducted a visit to the factory prior to dispatch and were impressed with the Quality of the BFH Sydcon product; their supply services matched a tight delivery timeframe. The goods arrived safe and sound in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

– MARK REBENTROST Project Contractor
VLS Infrastructure Protection Ltd


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Materials Procurement & Logistics

Procurement of materials can be a simple task made difficult, without the right approach. Our manufacturing motto is: “it’s easier to make it fit in the factory than to fix it in the field”.

Our detailed approach ensures completeness and accuracy at the time of manufacture. To achieve this we provide our manufacturing partners with detailed workshop drawings, generated using the latest CAD software with parametric design capability. Many elements of a project are modelled, allowing us a greater assurance that when materials arrive to the site, they fit as intended. Our Subcontractors certainly appreciate this, as it makes their job a whole lot easier, and probably why we don’t have a factory full of mistakes!

Transporting large shipments of finished steel product, whether by road, sea or air, involves management. Our experience in this area is unparalleled, having air-freighted goods as far as Kenya to sea freighting 900 tonnes of palisade security fencing to Papua New Guinea.

Whether it’s Exporting manufactured security fence product to Bangkok, or trucking a semi across New South Wales and into Queensland, we know how to package and send the shipment so that it arrives undamaged. This isn’t an earth-shattering claim, but a skill that comes from many years of experience.

BFH Sydcon has manufactured and exported far and wide, including countries such as PNG, Solomon Islands, Fiji Islands, East Timor, Thailand, Indonesia and Kenya. Procurement of high-security fencing products is our expertise, we take a ‘whole of project’ approach, from concept designs through to final completion.


  • Design and Technical consultation.
  • Site Inspection and Practicality Survey.
  • Re-design of INFINITY Palisade Fence to incorporate the nuances of the site.
  • Manufacturing of Security Fence materials in Architectural painted finish.
  • Packaging for export.
  • Shipping Logistics – factory to site.