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The ability to provide engineered designs and professionally prepared drawings, accompanied by complaint project documentation makes it easy for us to work with BFH Sydcon.

We have no hesitation in recommending BFH Sydcon as a company of the highest quality, with pride and passion in what they do.

– JACO BOTHA, Sr. Project Manager
Consolidated Power Projects Australia PTY LTD


Architectural Security Fence Designs

With the changing landscape of cities in the modern day, many critical infrastructure sites are now in the middle of urban areas. As such, there’s an increasing challenge to improve the aesthetics of the perimeter whilst not compromising security.

BFH Sydcon has been involved in a number of sensitive projects, whereby there’s an architectural element of the design that needs to be incorporated into a practical sense. That is, the aesthetics need to match the function and capability of the primary objective, being high security. Every product has it’s limitations, and often one becomes the driver of all others. These instances provide our staff with design challenges which most competitors walk away from. BFH Sydcon relishes these types of projects, and receives great satisfaction in tackling them head on.

BFH Sydcon has embraced the use of perforated metal, and has developed methods of attachment that include the use of pneumatically swaged fasteners onto our SMRTrail profle, acting as a secondary skin from the main security fence structure.

These types projects are bespoke and require a high level of detail. It’s one thing to come up with architectural concepts, it’s another thing to make it work. That’s why you should Contact Us for all your custom type security fencing.

Empire Bay Station

Leighton Contractors (Ausgrid Substation)


  • Submission of Design Drawings for Approval by Client and End User.
  • Supply and Installation of 2.4m high 358 Weldmesh Perimeter Fence with Architecturally designed Perforated Sheeting.
  • Manufacture, Supply and Installation of Automated 9.0m Cantilevered Sliding Gate [Aluminium Frame ULTRA Gate]
  • Manufacture, Supply and Installation of 6.0m Double Leaf Hinged Gate
  • Manufacture, Supply and Installation of Pedestrian Gates with specific locking detail. […]

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