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I found the BFH team to be innovative, responsive and easy to deal with both from a technical and contract management perspective.

– JOHN EDWARDS, Senior Project Manager
DPS Projects Branch


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Vehicle & Pedestrian Access

One of the major challenges in securing any perimeter is getting the balance right in terms of gates. An essential requirement for the functionality of any site, gates can be considered the weakest link in any secure perimeter if not addressed correctly.

It is important to limit the number of access points, and direct pedestrian and vehicular traffic through areas that can be controlled.

Gates can be as simple or as complicated as any designer makes them. Gates can be a simple pedestrian portal that matches the fence, right up to PAS 68 Impact Tested Crash Gates used for Hostile Vehicle Mitigation.

BFH Sydcon takes pride in it’s gate designs, and equally we can say that it’s not often we have a problem with our gates. This is largely due to detailed and modelled designs, manufactured by experts who have an installation background. As we like to say “it’s easier to get it right in the factory, than to fix it in the field”.

Our gate products range from Single and Double Leaf Hinged Gates ; Track Mounted or Cantilevered Sliding Gates; right through to Crash Rated Gates meeting PAS68 standards.

Crash Rated Speed Gates


  • Design and Engineering of Crash Rated Speed Gates to withstand an vehicle impact equal to 2.5 tonnes traveling at 48km/hr.
  • Submission of Design Drawings and Engineering computations for Client approval, cross referenced against the functionality of the design brief.
  • Production of a working prototype for inspection by the Client
  • Design and sequencing adjustments prior to full scale production of the remaining 7 units.
  • Manufacture, Supply and Installation of 8 Speed Gates.
  • Testing, Commissioning and Training prior to handover.
  • 6 monthly Maintenance schedule for a period of 3 years.

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