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High Security Bollards PAS 68

Bollards are an effective barrier where there is a high security requirement, particularly when balancing aesthetics against performance. Public spaces where people gather in large numbers are typical environments where impact rated, static and automated bollards are used. Stadiums, airports and sporting arenas are typical facilities using Bollards to protect people and assets from hostile vehicle attacks.

A wide range of options of passive [fixed] or retractable bollards are available, subject to pedestrian and vehicle movements. Each project needs to be individually assessed on its merits.

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation is ever present in today’s world, and BFH Sydcon has established relationships with International partners in both the United Kingdom and the United States. These world renowned manufacturers offer PAS 68 Impact Tested products giving BFH Sydcon access to a full range of Bollards, Rising Vehicle Blockers, Boom Arms and Crash Gates.

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