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Crash Rated Gates
Vehicle Security Barriers
Sliding Gates
Hinged Gates

Impact Rated Gates & Crash Barriers

Our High Security Perimeter Solutions include vehicle and pedestrian access control barriers commonly used in Hostile Vehicle Mitigation. Vehicle Security Barriers [VSB] such as Roadblockers, Rising Arm Barriers, Bollards and Sliding Gates. Each of these products are in increasing demand in the protection of critical infrastructure from a vehicle borne attack.

BFH Sydcon has established business relationships with manufacturers in both the UK and USA, who are market leaders of high quality barrier equipment. We have the capacity to service the Australian market, and can deliver quality outcomes from concept to completion.

We work closely with our supply partners and consult with them, ensuring the design objectives are met in full. Depending on complexity, we often involve the manufacturer in commissioning equipment as a high end quality measure.

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