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We’ve used the same gate manufacturer for the past 20+ years . It’s critical that we install a fully functioning product that offers a 100% duty cycle and ongoing reliability.

We’ve sent gates to some obscure places, both here and abroad, and I’m pleased to say that we have very few issues or call backs.  We always encourage some regular maintenance, and just like any moving mechanical parts, they need some TLC every now and then.

– Barry O’Neill, Director
BFH Sydcon


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“The better the advice, the better the project”.

Sliding Gates – Automated and Manual

Plenty of options when it comes to sliders, and equally as many critical issues that need to be taken into consideration. Other than the primary objective of perimeter security and access control, functionality and safety features are top of our list. Speed to open/close; track or cantilevered; loop detectors; card readers or remote operation; audible alarms and stop/go lighting…..all working in conjunction to provide a quality gate entrance solution. If you require a fully functioning automated sliding gate system, BFH Sydcon can assist.

20+ years of using the same gate supplier counts for many things. He knows what we’re like [fussy], and we certainly know what his significant capabilities are. Multiple projects over the years, and we can pretty much deliver a gate solution for any situation.

As an example, BFH Sydcon tendered for a very high profile project in Canberra – a Joint Venture with our preferred Gate manufacturer – and successfully undertook the design and installation of Eight(8) Speed Gates with a seriously challenging performance criteria. Open and close within 3 seconds; over 1000+ cycles daily per entrance; engineered to withstand a specified hostile vehicle impact; and to be installed without interrupting daily operations. Challenge accepted – see Case Study.

BFH Sydcon prides itself on installing quality equipment when automating our gates. Our philosophy is that by spending a little extra on the ‘good gear’, will be money well spent when reliability is being tested.

As with any gate installation, engineering is a key element. BFH Sydcon provides engineered sliding gate installations.

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