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Vehicle Security Barriers
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Vehicle Security Barriers (VSB)

Our High Security Perimeter Solutions include vehicle and pedestrian access control barriers commonly used in Hostile Vehicle Mitigation.

Vehicle Security Barriers [VSB] range from a standard vehicular entry gate right through to PAS 68 Impact Tested Roadblockers, Rising Arm Barriers, Bollards and Sliding Gates. Each of these products are in increasing demand in the protection of critical infrastructure from a vehicle borne attack.

Aside from the primary entry points of a site, which are often controlled by a manned Guardhouse, a more vulnerable area of any perimeter is the security fence itself. Too often this is overlooked, which is where BFH Sydcon’s Vehicle Arrest Fence comes to the fore.

Our engineer certified CRASHfence is capable of restraining a 7500kg truck travelling at 48Km per hour [penetration L2]. This product is able to be integrated into a steel palisade fence or 358 weldmesh design to any height, or simply act as a backstop to any existing perimeter fence. It is the ideal security solution for large sites such as Airports, Defence bases, Ports etc where chainwire fencing is often used as the primary line of security.

Our CRASHfence is suitable for property frontages that are exposed to any hostile vehicle attack. For more information please contact our Office to discuss your CRASHfence requirements.

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