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The fence proved to be robust, well designed, cost effective, simple solution that allowed for a shortened construction period. It also allows or easy reticulation of power and data services.

As such I recommend this product to any prospective clients of BFH Sydcon

– BRAD PAPE, Manager
Kramer Group


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High Security Perimeter Fencing

With an emphasis on the word HIGH……..high in terms of the security LEVEL, and also in HEIGHT.

Our focus is to provide engineered fencing solutions that require a construction capability exceeding your everyday chainwire or tubular fence. Our view is that chainwire and tubular products have a purpose around schools and general demarcations, but if you’re serious about perimeter security, then they no longer ‘cut it’ [pun intended] as a “manproof” solution.

Palisade High Security Fencing, 358 Closed Space weldmesh fences and Expanded Metal Fence designs are fully engineered, and conform to Australian Standards for manufacturing, galvanising, painted finishes and construction.

In keeping with our security philosophy, our aim is to ‘future-proof’ every installation. We believe that any physical barrier is best integrated with electronic detection systems, and as such we try to incorporate features into our designs to facilitate this ‘marriage’. INFINITY Palisade Fencing is the ideal product, and its very existence was borne from that requirement.

The installation of High Security Fencing is often underestimated, particularly by those unaccustomed to working in this arena.  Our team of Subcontractors excel at tall structures, and it’s an important mix of safety and technique that gets the job done without incident.  Equally as important is the civil aspect, in particular having an engineered foundation appropriate for the structure. All of our projects offer an engineered design, and site specific certification is a service we offer and encourage. We can all go out and build something, but the question is, “is it built to last”?

Our products and installations are designed to provide a Life Cycle of 30-40+ years, and with the initial cost being amortised over that life expectancy, this needs to be taken into account when assessing value for money.