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This was one of our more challenging projects. Presented with an architectural concept, we had to incorporate security with artistic appeal, two things that don’t normally compliment each other. Perforated sheets with Images not only provides a sheer face, but looks great in multi-coloured high spec painted finish.

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Anti-climb Steel Feature Fence

Most high security fences are deemed to be anti-climb, but let’s face it……hang on, now there’s an idea!! Face it, as in a sheer face.

We were asked to build a 4.0m high security fence using perforated metal, fixed to a purlin type framework on posts that hadn’t been engineered, and no security fasteners specified. In addition, the fence had to have images in the perforated sheets that reflected the locality as a sporting precinct.

So the design team at BFH Sydcon got together to create a fence design that encompassed every criteria in equal proportions. Security was the primary concern from our perspective, so we utilised a combination of T-Post, 358 weldmesh and a customised SMRTrail to come up with a baseplated structure that met the windloading requirements for such a high barrier.

The next challenge was making the artwork fit the security fence in such as way that met the architectural intent. This was a challenge, and even more so was the challenge of getting all parts manufactured accurately.

So what we’ve ended up with is a serious security fence on the inside, that has significant street appeal from the outside. You wouldn’t know there was a substation behind it, other than the signage giving it away.

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