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We have the capability to engineer barriers to meet any performance criteria, as well as having supply partners in the UK and USA for impact tested products. Our own Vehicle Arrest Fence is the first of its kind here in Australia, and we see it as the ideal solution for high risk critical infrastructure sites.

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Anti-Ram Barriers

Asset protection encompasses a wide range of security measures, and often the most vulnerable areas are overlooked. The focus is generally on access points, where the market adequately caters for crash rated rising vehicle blockers, boom arms and massive steel gates, all of which we do. This is generally around gate entrances and guardhouses, but the fencing barrier itself becomes the greatest weakness in any secure perimeter.

The focus of perimeter upgrades is often on ‘hardening’ the perimeter fence, with little regard for vehicle management and the use of these in a hostile attack. That’s why BFH Sydcon has designed and engineered a Vehicle Arrest Fence, the first Australian manufactured barrier specifically for this purpose. It’s all well and good to have height, anti-dig, anti-climb and detection, but if a would-be attacker decides to use a vehicle to ram through the fence itself, they serve little purpose.

Our Vehicle Arrest Fence is currently designed to resist a 7500kg vehicle travelling at 48km/h [K4 /L2 or PAS 68 ].

BFH Sydcon has a number of designs that compliment a stand-alone installation i.e. behind an existing barrier, or we have designs that integrate the Vehicle Arrest Fence with INFINITY Palisade or 358 Mesh Security fences. In keeping with our security philosophy, we encourage that anti-ram fencing be incorporated into every new installation as a future-proofing feature. This type of Hostile Vehicle Mitigation is becoming increasingly important at Critical Infrastructure sites, as it’s not only crowded places that are a target.

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