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The boys at BFH Sydcon have taken steel palisade fencing to the next level with their INFINITY palisade. It’s that simple to build, and offers so much more with the SMRTrail technology. Those cornerless rails make the fence look so much better than the rest.

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High Security Steel Palisade Fencing

Palisade Fencing is a generic term, and is often misconstrued. Palisade being a reference to vertical steel, however the Palisade Fencing that we specialise in, is a far more robust barrier.

High Security Steel Palisade Fencing is one of the premier products when considering security fencing requirements. It ensures maximum protection up to 5mts in height, which is a distinct point of difference from other products.

Made to British Standards (BS 1722 Part 12) the hot dip galvanised finish provides a longevity not available in alternate products. BFH Sydcon recommend the use of palisade fencing for both Government and Commercial sites, where the protection of assets and critical infrastructure is essential.

Palisade Fencing is a componentry fence that is assembled onsite, allowing the fence to articulate and follow the natural ground undulations. It is ideal for big metreage projects and eliminates the need for accurate site levels and gradients. This feature makes Palisade an ideal fence material for large overseas projects, with the added bonus of reduced shipping cost due to its “pack-ability”.

INFINITY Palisade Fencing

BFH Sydcon’s choice of Palisade High Security Fencing is from the INFINITY Fencing Systems range. The INFINITY design has taken palisade to the next level, and is the first physical perimeter barrier that takes into consideration its electronic security counterparts.

Previously, physical and electronic security were considered separate when addressing perimeter security upgrades. Now with INFINITY Palisade, you can readily upgrade your perimeter security at anytime. INFINITY Palisade allows the carriage of services through its framework so that CCTV, lighting or covert detection systems can be retro-fitted as the need arises. INFINITY Palisade eliminates the need for costly excavations, and “futureproofs” every installation with it’s cable management capability.

INFINITY Palisade Security Fencing is the most innovative design to hit the market, and is suitable to be used with other infill products such as 358 weldedmesh, tubular pickets etc.

Lismore & Grafton Stations


  • Design and Construct Contract
  • Undertake Site Survey
  • Demolish and Removal of Existing Chainwire Fence
  • Civil works – Carpark construction including 300m2 of bituminous asphalting
  • Supply and Installation of 3.0m INFINITY Palisade Security Fence
  • Supply and Install 550 dia Razorwire Anti-Climb Topping
  • Manufacture, Supply and Installation of 3 Vehicular Double Leaf Hinged Gates
  • Manufacture, Supply and Installation of 2 Automated Cantilever Sliding Gate with Access Control
  • Engineer, Supply and Installation of 1300w x 300d Reinforced Concrete Strip Footing & Anti-Dig plinth.
  • Project Management and documentation including As Builts, Site Surveys and OH&S Safety Statistics.
  • Project completed by BFH Sydcon within the designated timeframe.

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