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Perimeter Lighting

Our fence design philosophy revolves around “future proofing”, and this points directly to our SMRTrail technology. So for us, it’s not about the specific lights or cameras, it’s about “how can our fences integrate with electronic security and detection?” Which is where perimeter lighting comes into play.

Our expertise is in the design, manufacture and installation of the physical barrier – however we acknowledge that this is, but part of a turnkey security solution. Inevitably, each site has a perimeter lighting or surveillance/detection requirement. Our experience is that, often the physical security precedes all else, and detection or lighting becomes a separate or retrospective installation. Hence the benefit of INFINITY SMRTrail – a service carrying fence rail that surrounds the perimeter – and is approved as an above ground conduit to AS3000. This Patented technology [No. 2007233557] can be incorporated into any fence design, saving the end user many thousands of dollars.

Instead of running costly cabling in a traditional ‘inground’ installation, the fence framework becomes a multi-functional structure and facilitates the carriage of power and data to all corners of the site. With the simple addition of a steel coverplate, the fence rails convert and change from having a single purpose. Likewise, it makes sense to use a rail of this kind to ‘futureproof’ the site. So when the time comes, it saves excavating and trenching for the cables. Simply order our SMRTrails.

If lighting and detection can be co-ordinated, then happy days. Every installer who uses the SMRTrail when running cables makes the same comment…….”why isn’t every fence built this way”? No more in-ground conduits or pits, filling up with water or just getting snagged. No more stretching the cables unnecessarily, simply unhook the obstruction via the open backed rail, where everything remains visible until the final coverplate application.

We always make provision for fixings at the top of our posts. This allows lighting to be fitted where required. For more information on our SMRTrail technology please Contact Us.